2 billion devices just became interoperable


There are needs for many different protocols, but XMPP is the only protocol for gateway to cloud but not necessarily for the LAN. Creating silos, which is what all current platforms accomplish, will ultimately stop the projected IoT market from ever being realized.

Ubiquity for devices, applications, systems and suppliers (service companies, manufacturers etc.) and the need for a dynamic fabric allowing realtime action on events is fundamental to this realization.


By AdminApril 21, 2015

The IoT requires a fabric-based service broker

The IoT needs a service broker which collapses web services, SOA, ESB, Security, Privacy and translation/transformation allowing any protocol, any platform from any provider to communicate. Many expressed views of the world is that there will only be static relationships between devices and never will there be need to go beyond those pre-determined relationships.

This archaic thinking may have been true in legacy M2M however with the introduction of the Internet and numerous applications and humans acting as potential control/analytics as well as need to integrate supplier infrastructures into the ecosystem you need intelligent purposeful engagement capabilities that do not dictate a silo approach and complete change of systems According to Stan Schneider from RTI, if I recall correctly, there will be no LAN and WAN in architecture. I completely understand this focus as DDS only allows this, however it is not the case, there will always be separation between LAN and WAN or a “Hierarchy”.


By AdminJuly 3, 2014

The publisher owns authorization and privacy control in the IoT

Privacy and Security, Security and Privacy. These are the two most talked about issues in IoT that everyone seems to be unable to figure out and do so while allowing lower TCO and increased efficiency. I have written before about security at Michael Holdmann’s Blog and will focus this post on privacy.

The requirement for a pub/sub service broker architecture seems to be the general consensus, other than a few hold outs, of the base architecture for IoT and the fact that you need an event driven fabric is also pretty clear. Now we need to understand who has ultimate authority over the data that is being produced by the billions of predicted devices. This topic was discussed during the Agriculture session at IoT World Palo Alto June 17, 18 2014. It was stated that the same topic would be discussed next year at the conference as there is no solution today.


By AdminJune 16, 2014

The connected car and XMPP


I attended O’Reilly Solid 2014 in San Francisco and during my discussions was asked by a few automakers to submit overview of how XMPP and CYTIoT, Inc. can create a more secure, private and efficient platform for the tele/informatics systems in both their vehicles.

Generating data about a system is not enough, it is the subsequent utilization of that information which arguably provides most value, and although this critical aspect has been long-recognized, it has historically been the most elusive part of the process too - until now.


By AdminMay 27, 2014