A platform based on function, not technology

Function ConnectingYourThings, a UPnP Forum IoT connectivity platform, was born out of the need for IoT to be based on function not technology. The IoT is not a technology, it is bridging the device, process and human worlds by allowing awareness and collaboration between all. Its function allows for, device integration with business process management (BPM), system control and humans allowing a deeper understanding of device state meant to increase efficiencies, lower device failure rate and total cost of ownership.

Creating a fabric for events

Events Moving messages (events) from one place to another is the focus of IoT today. This misses the basic need which is to take action upon events in real time to avoid cataclysmic failure or death. In an event driven fabric, there are no static predetermined routes. All interaction is purposeful – based on event and expertise of application or human it will be sent to as well as the current presence (availability) not just online/offline rather busy or available. Sending an event to an endpoint that has other process already in queue means delay of action, what CYTIoT Inc. does is to continually monitor all instances of the of endpoints and sends message to one that is currently available.

Silos – the death of IoT

Silos Interoperability is a main necessity of IoT. Creating a product that only works with one application or one application that works with only one product will be the death of the IoT. Device owners are not adopting IoT because the current industry focus is to protect archaic technologies as evidenced in the numerous alliances formed and each taking its own approach to the market, the one that sells their products and locks you into their systems. To solve the siloing of the IoT, CYTIoT Inc. has chosen to work with and adopt the UPnP Forum framework which now enables the 2 Billion+ currently deployed devices to be interoperable as well as all new devices configured and certified using UPnP tools including the soon to be released online live data model tool.

Security – the fear of IoT, the solution of the US Department of Defense

Security Security looms large in the market, with horror stories from hacks of refrigerators to cars to industrial systems, the need to create secure channels based on trusted engagements and knowledge that the data will not be compromised during low level hacks and attacks is the first thought at CYTIoT Inc. Moving control and forward of data to layer 7 and disconnecting network dependent applications from the NetOS allows your data to stay in secure private channel and free from man in middle and other attempts to acquire your data.

Connecting Your Things

We have created a platform that addresses each of the functional needs of the IoT. Create purposeful engagements between devices and endpoints that have need for data being published for service, control, warranty or any other processes the publisher (owner of device) chooses/requires that would better facilitate the function, health and longevity of the devices or things that sensors are monitoring.

CYTIoT and UPnP for a global IoT


  • Unparalleled access – a scalable, low-powered, and established data model is used in the bridging of IP and non-IP technologies via UPnP+. Leading to data and access rarely suffering from losses, errors or disconnections. UPnP allows the defining of new IoT devices in minutes with certification that requires the implementation of role-based security service. So you can configure, maintain and secure your application with ease.
  • Easy implemenation – different network protocols can interact and work as one, even if not using IP-based networking (this also incorporates seamless bridging via existing protocols such as Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or ZigBee). Developers also benefit from a ready-made development platform through integration with billions of existing UPnP devices (such as home automation devices and commercial equipment). Making UPnP the perfect choice for fast implementation and cross-platform integration.


  • Event-driven fabric – allowing devices, applications and users to dynamically enter and leave virtual relationships as profiles match events. This improves the efficiency and lessens the load on networks, which in turn improves the scale and reliability of data.
  • Data analytics – while the saying goes ‘history is written by the victor’, in technology terms it might be better to say that history is read by the victor – raw data can be viewed in real-time or warehoused for retrieval and analysis at a later time. Logging the right data and presenting the sometimes complex relationships between them is the key difference between a simple log file and a truly useful analytics tool, designed to empower service providers with the abilities such as tracking user habits, highlight areas of improvement or redundancy, and even respond to situations before they develop.



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