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Development / Sales

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Executive Team

Micheal Holdmann CEO

Michael is an experienced and successful leader, strategist, and evangelist, he has been involved in Telecom/Internet since the early 1980’s. Michael’s entrepreneurial adventure started with a profitable exit of an interconnect telephone company in Las Vegas, NV, while attending college. After a successful industry change to advertising in late 1980’s to the mid-1990’s, Michael found his way back into tech creating an internet division for a wireless cable (DS) operator in Reno, NV. In 1998 he founded one of the world’s first ASP’s (old term for Cloud) using network attached appliance with secure card log on, no storage at endpoints and cloud based office productivity suite, company was acquired for profitable exit. Michael was instrumental in developing product and GT for VPN, PLS and converged communications at an RBOC in the early 2000’s and lead development and launch of GT for US, APAC and LTA for a German based eCommerce platform. Itching to get back into startups, Michael founded a company which introduced a secure remote desktop environment and backend system using portablized applications technology as opposed to V/VDI technology. His last position with an IoT platform company, had profitable exit via acquisition. Along with his current duties at CYT, Michael sits on working groups and taskforces at the IEEE/ISO/IEC and UPnP Forum leading the international standardization of X PP for both consumer and industrial/enterprise devices and systems for securing and transporting data over the internet. e: michael@cytiot.com

Stuart Mayne CMO

Stuart is a talented creative with a strategic mind and hands-on approach. Based in the UK, Stuart qualified in the mid-90’s as a professional designer and developer, and has worked in the creative industry ever since. During that time, he has worked with some of the world’s largest international corporates, including Sony Europe, Rolls Royce, American Airlines, British Airways, BT and Shell Oil, as well as smaller local and national organisations. He has successfully created, implemented and maintained brand identities and designed both online and offline marketing solutions across almost every industry sector conceivable. Stuart has a keen interest in cutting-edge IT, and often puts his creative and analytical eye to work on development projects (using his vast wealth of experience to problem solve in highly-technical environments). Stuart works closely with Jay (CMO) to create a truly global impact with the CYTIoT marketing machine.

William (Corky) Bizjack SVP Channel

Corky Bizjack is currently a Northern California based Technology Sales Executive who leverages his successes in several channel leadership roles to advise CYTIOT on channel strategy. Innovative companies Juniper, Polycom and Avaya helped shape his thoughts and direction on what works to motivate positive partner behaviors, increase customer base and grow profitable revenue. Could be that one monster 10 million $ deal that he draws on or the several medium sized deals/partnerships that keep food on the table. He has drawn from his Sales Leadership role with GE Capital to expand his views on what is possible and what truly makes financial sense. Specialist roles at Verizon Business and Verizon Enterprise solutions have also allowed him/his team to grow revenue exponentially both in the US and abroad. In addition to his business acumen, Corky enjoys doing half marathons regularly to continue to show how far he can push the bodies boundaries to remind himself in his belief that the mind/determination are limitless as well. In his free time, he enjoys being challenged by his family which includes his wife and 2 almost teenage boys, keeping up with the good friends and setting a good example of what a good catholic man most likely exemplifies.

Andrew Prell Board / Advisory

Andrew Prell, a veteran inventor, director, developer, and serial entrepreneur, is an early pioneer of virtual reality, being one of the first to commercialize the technology in the early 1990s. Andrew was the founder and CEO of Alternate Worlds Technology, Inc. (AWT) which developed and successfully marketed the first US Manufactured Virtual Reality Arcade System, the “Reality Rocket”. The system featured several high profile games developed by Andrew’s team, including Wolfenstein VR, and one of the first real-time 3D virtual reality games, Xenomorph, which was based on PixelPlanes Technology from the University of North Carolina. More recently, Andrew is the Founder and CEO of Agora Technologies Inc., a software venture enabling live interaction in social media building on work done in partnership with Bell Labs, Lucent/Avaya, Compaq, Quest, and Computer Associates. He is also currently working with industry leaders and other established pioneers on a stealth project aiming to disrupt the online games and mobile entertainment industries. Andrew currently holds two patents and is named as an inventor in a third (The Brainwave Joystick Patent).

David Richards Advisor

Dave joins CYT with a deep understanding of the needs of the IoT from an architectural view. He is a software architect with over 20 years of experience in both government and commercial sectors. His dual undergraduates in electrical, chemical and graduate in electrical engineering degrees are from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduating in 1989 from MIT, Dave worked for Lockheed Martin focusing on SATCOM and SATNAV technologies. He moved into the commercial sector with Ingersoll/Rand TRANE division where he led the team responsible for design and architecture of the underlying technology for HVAC RDM product offered by TRANE. Dave joined Coversant in 2010 where he was responsible for optimizing and expanding the functionality of their high performance XMPP server ultimately writing 2/3 of the 2 million lines of code and leading the team to achieve US DoD certification. Dave has served on numerous standards bodies’ technical boards as member and/or Chair with BACnet, oBIX, XMPP and others.

Eero Neuenschwander Advisor

18+ years in solution architecture and implementation on multiple global strategic initiatives. Works with business leaders to develop product & program road maps to meet and exceed business objectives. Has the rare ability to translate business needs into technical solutions, by communicating effectively on both the business and technical levels. Well respected with excellent team-building skills. Able to maintain a sense of calm and humor under pressure allowing me to thrive in deadline-driven environments. Comfort with office politics, working hard to ensure my teams success I have shown a history of success on strategic projects including presenting status and results to multiple board of directors.

Ted Chamberlain Advisor

Ted is currently Research Vice President at Gartner – an industry-leading professional with over 20 years experience in critical thinking, client centricity, market analysis, corporate development and networking sales with an emphasis on the Cloud, enterprise networking, carrier services and hosted infrastructure services. Outstanding record of achievement in industry thought leadership and consulting, consensus building, interpersonal skills, development of GTM market and channel alliances advisement and negotiating technology and services acquisitions.