The IoT requires a fabric-based service broker

The IoT needs a service broker which collapses web services, SOA, ESB, Security, Privacy and translation/transformation allowing any protocol, any platform from any provider to communicate. Many expressed views of the world is that there will only be static relationships between devices and never will there be need to go beyond those pre-determined relationships.

This archaic thinking may have been true in legacy M2M however with the introduction of the Internet and numerous applications and humans acting as potential control/analytics as well as need to integrate supplier infrastructures into the ecosystem you need intelligent purposeful engagement capabilities that do not dictate a silo approach and complete change of systems According to Stan Schneider from RTI, if I recall correctly, there will be no LAN and WAN in architecture. I completely understand this focus as DDS only allows this, however it is not the case, there will always be separation between LAN and WAN or a “Hierarchy”.

The IoT is a hierarchy, with data being intelligently moved at different levels. In a deployment for RDM of HVAC systems, we do not need to have every byte when assets are in normal operational state, send a file every 15 minutes, 60 minutes, whatever customer chooses and remember some data needs only to remain local. What needs to be known is when an event outside of normal state arises it needs to be known immediately? What if the predetermined relationship is not available? Does that risk failure of critical asset or cost human life? The ability to have numerous connections via multi-user chat fabric, a broker can determine which application/s human/s is/are available at that time to determine what needs to be done and take action.

For IoT to grow into the market that everyone predicts, the ability to create an event driven fabric as opposed to the current state of network architecture, where devices, applications and humans interact only when necessary, coming in and out of relationships as their profile matches events in real time.

I have reached out numerous times to other protocol companies as we believe there is definite fit for all protocols within IoT, each has its place in our view XMPP happens to be GW to Cloud. I would like to see other protocol disciples’ stop trying to silo the IoT for their personal gain. Admit to and focus on core competency of YOUR protocol, not put square pegs into round holes by working to make it the ONLY choice for success. Let’s all work together for the better of the world not just your company.

By AdminJuly 3, 2014