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Development / Sales

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Executive Team

Michael Holdmann

Michael is an experienced and successful leader, strategist, and evangelist, he has been involved in Telecom/Internet since the early 1980’s. Michael’s entrepreneurial adventure started with a profitable exit of an interconnect telephone company in Las Vegas, NV, while attending college. After a successful industry change to advertising in late 1980’s to the mid-1990’s, Michael found his way back into tech creating an internet division for a wireless cable (DS) operator in Reno, NV. In 1998 he founded one of the world’s first ASP’s (old term for Cloud) using network attached appliance with secure card log on, no storage at endpoints and cloud based office productivity suite, company was acquired for profitable exit.

Michael was instrumental in developing product and GT for VPN, PLS and converged communications at an RBOC in the early 2000’s and lead development and launch of GT for US, APAC and LTA for a German based eCommerce platform. Itching to get back into startups, Michael founded a company which introduced a secure remote desktop environment and backend system using portablized applications technology as opposed to V/VDI technology. His last position with an IoT platform company, had profitable exit via acquisition.

Along with his current duties at CYT, Michael sits on working groups and taskforces at the IEEE/ISO/IEC and UPnP Forum leading the international standardization of X PP for both consumer and industrial/enterprise devices and systems for securing and transporting data over the internet.

e: michael@cytiot.com

Zenu Sarcadi

Zenu Sarcadi is the Chief Technology Officer and responsible for information systems and global cloud services. He leads a worldwide IT organization, focused on innovation and scalability, transparency and affordability.

Mr. Sarcadi brings a broad range of Information Technology experience and has a diverse background in Aerospace and Defense. Holding various engineering and senior management titles, he most recently headed up Infrastructure Services for a global defense contractor. In this role, he partnered with business units to provide user support and infrastructure, communications and information security, and led numerous high profile company acquisitions and divestitures. He also led strategic company initiatives to adopt Digital Manufacturing capabilities, enabling business efficiencies and innovative manufacturing processes.

Prior to his involvement in Information Technology, Mr. Sarcadi held several engineering titles supporting space flight and military weapons systems. In these roles he was responsible for engineering, fabrication, testing and data analysis of space and weapons systems. He also programmed data collection systems to capture both low and high frequencies signals converting them from analog to digital.

Mr. Sarcadi has his Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering and Masters in Information Technology. He also holds various certifications in management and IT.

Anthony Sousa

Dr. Sousa received his degree from Walden University, his focus was in entrepreneurial technology. Tony has vast experience in leading both sales and marketing although that never stopped him from picking up the phone and making a cold call to a prospect and closing the deal. He believes leadership means possessing the skills he demands of his team and getting into the weeds to assist in reaching goals.

Tony’s start was in advertising followed by a very successful period in raising capital for start-up technology and manufacturing companies. He has been involved in the solar industry of late and has a deep understanding of the needs of a connected world and what the message needs to be to gain market share by applying his learned techniques in Blue Ocean strategy to separate an organization from the pack.

e: tony@cytiot.com